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Berlin Wall Tour

Infomations about the tour:
Date According to the arrangement
Start time 11:00 Uhr
Duration ca 4,5 h incl. break
Distance 18 km
Price* 18 Euro p. person
Minimum price 45 Euro
Bikes bring your own
or rent a bike at
8 Euro/24 h
at the meeting point
Meeting point**
and point
of return
U-Station Nollendorfplatz
Exit: Karl-Heinrich-Ulrichs-Straße
Bike rental "mrm"
How to get there U1, U2
U3, U4, Tariff zones AB
Languages German or English

Tour request - Contact


* does not include local transportation tickets, rental fee or entry tickets

** Meeting point is at the bike rental "mrm" at Nollendorfplatz.
The official adress is:  Einemstr. 6, 10787 Berlin  but, strangely enough,
it is located directly at Karl-Heinrich-Ulrichs-Straße next to the CVJM (YMCA). Rental bikes can be used for 24 hours.

The Wall Way in Berlin Center - from Checkpoint Charlie to Wall Park


Main stations:

- Starting Point Nollendorfplatz
- Gleisdreieck Park
- Checkpoint Charlie
- At the Topography of Terror
- Potsdamer Platz
- Brandenburg Gate
- Reichstag and Government District
- Palace of Tears at Friedrichstr. Station
- At the Charité
- Invalids' Cemetary
- Liesenstraße
- Ghost Train Stations Expos. at Nord Stat.
- Bernauer Straße
- Berlin Wall Memorial Center
- Tour End at Wall Park
- Back to Starting Point Nollendorfplatz
via Main Station and Tiergarten

On the 9th of November 2014, several hundred thousand people came into the center of Berlin to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the openeing of the wall. Along the former course of the border, they let illuminated balloons rise into the sky and many people would say, astonished, "hard to believe it's been 25 years". Everyone who was there, then, knew exactly what they did and how they experienced that day. It was an incisive event just like the construction of the wall 28 years earlier on the 13th of August 1961. The evermore radical partition of Berlin, however, had already begun in 1948 when different currencies were introduced and when the Sowjets blocked the west sectors of Berlin. The front of the Cold War ran right across the city. When the numbers of refugees from the East flooding into the West rose to their peak the construction of the Wall made the partition concrete in the literal sense. The border installations were then improved in four steps, with a merciless perfection, but later, they were removed just as thoroughly. Riding along the course of the Wall through the center of Berlin over 10 kms we look at all the remains of the border that can be seen. We will experience how the Wall made a fundamental cut into the life of the city and how the people on both sides adjusted to it. And the end of Wall Way you can either visit the exposition at the Memorial Center for more information or you can return with me directly to the starting point.