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Clover Leaf Tour South

Infomations about the tour:
Date According to the arrangement
Start time 11:00 Uhr
Duration ca 6 h incl. break
Distance 21 km
Price* 20 Euro p. person
Minimum price 50 Euro
Bikes bring your own
or rent a bike at
8 Euro/24 h
at the meeting point
Meeting point**
and point
of return
U-Station Nollendorfplatz
Exit: Karl-Heinrich-Ulrichs-Straße
Bike rental "mrm"
How to get there U1, U2
U3, U4, Tariff zones AB
Languages German or English

Tour request - Contact


* does not include local transportation tickets, rental fee or entry tickets

** Meeting point is at the bike rental "mrm" at Nollendorfplatz.
The official adress is:  Einemstr. 6, 10787 Berlin  but, strangely enough,
it is located directly at Karl-Heinrich-Ulrichs-Straße next to the CVJM (YMCA). Rental bikes can be used for 24 hours.

Round Trip through Schöneberg, the Freedom of Tempelhof and Kreuzberg "61"


Main stations:

- Starting Point Nollendorfplatz
- Motzstraße Quarter
- Winterfeldplatz
- Kleist Park
- Schöneberg Town Hall
- The "Red Island"
- Speer's "Heavy Weight Concrete Body"
- The Aviators' Settlement
- Former Tempelhof Airport
- Sehitlik Mosque
- Südstern Place
- Marheinike Hall and the Bergmannstraße
- The Kreuzberg Hill in Viktoria Park
- Bottleneck Park
- Gleisdreieck Park
- Postdamer Straße
Back to the Starting Point Nollendorfplatz

Explore the inner city of Berlin (inside the S-Bahn circle) one quarter at a time according to a drawing of a four-leaved clover leaf! The heart-shaped leaves/tours point to the four directions of the compass. Each tour starts and comes back to the center where the four clover leaves meet. After completing all four tours you can proudly say "Ich bin ein Berliner".
The Clover-Leaf Tour South could be called RIAS: "Ride In (the) American Sector". There we are, learning about the main topics of this tour: Germania, postwar Germany, the Cold War, West Berlin as a front city. The American radio station RIAS, as a "free voice of a free world", broadcasted the ringing of the "Freedom Bell" from nearby Schöneberg Town Hall. From here, West Berlin was governed and here, J.F.Kennedy called himself a citizen of Berlin. But that is all history now. In the former Headquarters of the Allied Control Council, today, German judges do their usual business and at the Tempelhof Airport, today, you see kites rising instead of the "Candy Bombers" of the "Berlin Air-Lift". The Nazis had planned for Berlin to become the world capital city "Germania" but what is left of it? Just one "Heavy Weight Concrete Body". And life went on, developping into a very colorful life especially in the neighborhoods like Kreuzberg. No fear of being different here. This is why David Bowie chose Schöneberg to live in. "We can be heroes, just for one day".