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Clover Leaf Tour East

Infomations about the tour:
Date According to the arrangement
Start time 11:00 Uhr
Duration ca 6 h incl. break
Distance 22 km
Price* 20 Euro p. person
Minimum price 50 Euro
Bikes bring your own
or rent a bike at
8 Euro/24 h
at the meeting point
Meeting point**
and point
of return
U-Station Nollendorfplatz
Exit: Karl-Heinrich-Ulrichs-Straße
Bike rental "mrm"
How to get there U1, U2
U3, U4, Tariffzones AB
Languages German or English

Tour request - Contact


* does not include local transportation tickets, rental fee or entry tickets

** Meeting point is at the bike rental "mrm" at Nollendorfplatz.
The official adress is:  Einemstr. 6, 10787 Berlin  but, strangely enough,
it is located directly at Karl-Heinrich-Ulrichs-Straße next to the CVJM (YMCA). Rental bikes can be used for 24 hours.

Round Trip trough Kreuzberg "36", Friedrichshain and Ost City


Main stations:

- Starting Point Nollendorfplatz
- Gleisdreieck Park
- Checkpoint Charlie
- Princess Garden at Moritz Place
- "Angel Pool"
- Kottbus Gate
- Görlitz Park
- Arena at the Spree River
- Oberbaum Bridge
- RAW at Revaler Straße
- Boxhagen Quarter
- Former Stalin Boulevard
- East City - Alexanderplatz
- City Castle
- Gendarmenmarkt
- Postdamer Platz
back to Starting Point Nollendorfplatz

Explore the inner city of Berlin (inside the S-Bahn circle) one quarter at a time according to a drawing of a four-leaved clover leaf! The heart-shaped leaves/tours point to the four directions of the compass. Each tour starts and comes back to the center where the four clover leaves meet. After completing all four tours you can proudly say "Ich bin ein Berliner".
The Clover Leaf Tour East actually covers the topics of four tours. Tour No.1: A small Wall Tour. We will find evidence of the partition of Berlin not only at Checkpoint Charlie because we ride along the Wall through the district of Kreuzberg which used to be part of the political West. At the former frontier crossing point Oberbaum Bridge where we reach the turning point of our Clover Leaf East we enter into Friedrichshain district, part of the former political East. Tour No.2: In Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain, today united as one district, we find the hippest creative and party scene of Berlin with its hotspots between Moritz Place and Boxhagen Quarter. Tour No.3: Berlin, Capital of the GDR. The ostentacious Stalin Boulevard, the Alexander Place and the Marx-Engels Forum still give testemony of the communist metropolis. Crossing the Spree River, we get into the historical center of Berlin. At the City Castle which is currently being rebuilt we start our Tour No.4: The gloss and glory of the age of Prussia.