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Charlottenburg Castle
and its backyards

Infomations about the tour:
Date According to the arrangement
Start time 11:00 Uhr
Duration ca 5,5 h with break
Distance 22 km
Price* 20 Euro p. person
Minimum price 50 Euro
Bikes Bring your own
Meeting point
and point
of return
Charlottenburg Castle
Equestrian statue at the court of honor
How to get there S-Bhf. Westend
S41, S42, S46
via Spandauer Damm
U-Station Richard-Wagner-Platz:  U7
via Otto-Suhr-Allee
Tariff zones AB
Language: German or English

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* does not include local transportation tickets, rental fee or entry tickets

From Royal Park to Virgin Heath

Schloss Charlottenburg

Main stations:

- Tour Start at Charlottenburg Castle
- Castle and und Royal Park
- Along Spree River to the Power Plant
- Through Kalowswerder to Goerdel Bridge
- Charlottenburg Floodgate
- Island underneath Rudolf Wissel Bridge
- Siemens Railway, Wernerwerke Station
- Siemensstadt City
- World Heritage Ring Settlement
- Siemens Park
- Mäckeritz Quarter at the Canal
- Window facing Tegel Airport
- Jungfernheide Public Park
- Jungfernheide Water Tower
- Jakob Kaiser Place
Back to Charlottenburg Castle

From Baroque to Siemensstadt

As we stand next to equestrian statue of the Great Elector made by famous architect Andreas Schlüter, we have a striking view of the splendid baroque castle. More than 300 years ago, it was built far outside of the gates of Berlin for Queen Sophie Charlotte. She was a well educated woman but also liked the pleasures of amusement. The people of Berlin, irreverent as they are, would call the castle "Lottchen Lotterbude" meaning a shabby place for "Charlotte let loose". As we take a ride to the extended picturesque backyard, that is, park, you will find it easy to imagine them having their baroque parties there. Today, the castle is in the middle of Berlin facing Charlottenburg in the front. And what is in the back ?

Schloss Charlottenburg

In the back, 200 years later, Siemens had their headquarters with a railway of their own where they celebrated the advancement of Berlin to be a metropolitan industrial city. In the 1920ies, they added the big settlement Siemensstadt with a battleship of their own. Anyway, what is left today, after two world wars and one Cold War ? For example, the "Langes Elend" ("Long Misery") but, never mind, it belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage just like the rest of the Siemens settlement. But don't worry, as we tour trough Karlowswerder and Siemensstadt we ride along many waterways and trough many green areas. The Jungfernheide ("Virgin Heath") includes allotment gardens, parks, beaches and recreational meadows and thereby makes a strong competitor to the Charlottenburg Castle Park.