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In 1955, at the very young age of 6 months,
I came to Berlin, and here I grew up. I have spent most of my life in Berlin, living, studying and working in very different districts and neighborhoods. Every time Berlin was turned inside out again I was there, still a child when the Wall was built and witnessing with a grown-up consciousness when the Wall fell.

Before and after the Wall it wasn't boring either in our "special political unit". And thus, Berlin and I both have been formed by permanent political, idiological, cultural, economical and psychological changes in this city. Therefore, again and again, I enjoy showing visitors how Berlin developped into what it is today. Since 2010, I am also intitled to do this by an official town guide certificate according to DIN EN 15565_2008-5.

Zertifikat  Reg.Nr. 8A002

I would be happy if you come and join me on a discovery tour through the unique city landscape of Berlin.

See you soon, Yours Michael Deumlich
the one with the hat.